Taking part in internships can help you stand out to potential employers. It gives you a great opportunity to test out a possible career you have in mind before you graduate. You’ll be able to make new business contacts and learn valuable skills that you can talk about at interviews.

What our students said

Robynn Cole
Robynn Cole
BA (Hons) Economics
During my time at Stirling, I was given the privilege of an internship with Barclays in Geneva, Switzerland, thanks to the Saltire Scholar Internship Programme. This allowed me to demonstrate and put to use all of the leadership skills I had acquired.
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We only advertise paid internships. If you’re working set hours, have a manager and are expected to perform certain duties, you have a legal entitlement to be paid.

Where can I find internships?

There are many different ways you can find an internship. Here are just some suggestions:


Search our online vacancy system TARGETconnect. You can set up alerts to get notifications about new internship opportunities.

The Stirling Internship Programme

Our internship programme gives you the opportunity as a student or graduate to secure a paid internship with local organisations. These internships usually last from eight to ten weeks. Part-time and full-time opportunities are available.

The Stirling Internship Programme.

Bright Green placements

They offer a wide range of paid industry placements across the UK, many with an environmental focus.

Bright Green placement website.

The Saltire Scholar Internship Programme

Paid placements are offered over the summer with leading companies around the world. You must be in your penultimate year of undergraduate study at a Scottish University to apply.

The Saltire Scholar Internship Programme.

Careerwise work placements

A placement scheme designed specifically for women studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering or maths related subjects) at Scottish Universities.

Careerwise Work placements.

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You can contact us via TARGETconnect.

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