Articulation listing

We accept Higher National Certificate (HNCs) and Higher National Diploma (HNDs) qualifications as suitable entry requirements into Year 1 of our degree courses. We usually ask for students to pass the whole course and obtain Bs or above in their graded units – with the exception of our law degrees, in which we look for As. Some courses may require a higher national in a specific subject.

If you would like to know which certificate or diploma would be most suitable, or if you would like to know if your current course is eligible for advanced entry into one of our courses, please consult the search form below. Select your college course or the degree course you'd like to study. Check the course pages to confirm entry requirements.

Articulation listing
Degree CourseCollege CourseCourse LevelAdvanced EntryYear of EntryGradesUnits required / additional requirements
Accountancy and FinanceAccountingHNDYes2AsNone
Animal BiologyApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Animal BiologyApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Applied Biological ScienceApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
BiologyApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
BiologyApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Cell BiologyApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Cell BiologyApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Computing ScienceComputing: Technical SupportHNDYes2AsNone
Computing ScienceComputing: Software Development (with Data Analytics)HNDYES3BBH17X34, H17W34, H16Y35, H16W35 or DH3J34, H17135.
Computing ScienceComputing (Software Development with Data Analytics)HNCYes2BH17X34 or H17W34.
Criminology and SociologySocial SciencesHNCYes2AsNone
Criminology and SociologySocial SciencesHNDYes3AsNone
EcologyApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
EcologyApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Environmental ScienceApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Film and MediaCommunication with MediaHNDYes2AsNone
Film and MediaCreative Industries: TelevisionHNDYes2AsNone
Film and MediaPractical JournalismHNDYes2AsNone
FinanceFinancial ServicesHNDYes2AsNone
HistorySocial SciencesHNDYes2AsHistory modules A, B, C and D
Human Resource Management (accredited)BusinessHNDYes3BsNone
Human Resource Management (accredited)BusinessHNC (15 credits)Yes2BNone
Journalism StudiesCommunication with MediaHNDYes2AsNone
Law (BA)Legal ServicesHNDYes2AsNone
Marine BiologyApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Marine BiologyApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
MarketingAdvertising and Public RelationsHNCYes2ABEconomics is recommended Economics 1 F7J635
MarketingAdvertising and Public RelationsHNDYes3AAMin 2 credits in Marketing options/Economics is recommended: FROM: International Marketing: An Introductions H8PD 34; International Marketing DV8K35; International Marketing: The Mix F7R3 35; Principles and Practices of Selling DG6W 34; Marketing: Brand Management DV8M 35; Services Marketing DV8F 34; Consumer Behaviour: Research and Applications DV77 35; Managing Marketing Resources FK8K 35/ Economics 1: F7J6 35
MarketingMusic BusinessHNDYes2AsNone
MarketingRetail ManagementHNCYes2ANone
MarketingRetail ManagementHNDYes3AsNone
PoliticsSocial SciencesHNDYes2AsPolitics modules A, B, C and D
PsychologySocial SciencesHNCYes2BsPsychology modules A and B
PsychologySocial SciencesHNDYes2BsPsychology modules A and B
Retail MarketingMarketingHNDYes2ABNone
Retail MarketingRetail ManagementHNCYes2ANone
Retail MarketingRetail ManagementHNDYes3AsNone
Sociology and Social PolicySocial SciencesHNCYes2AsNone
Sociology and Social PolicySocial SciencesHNDYes3AsNone
Software EngineeringComputing (Software Development with Data Analytics)HNCYES2BH17X34 or H17W34.
Software EngineeringComputing: Software Development (with Data Analytics)HNDYes3BBH17X34, H17W34, H16Y35, H16W35 or DH3J34, H17135.
Software EngineeringComputing: Technical SupportHNDYes2AsNone
Sport and Exercise ScienceApplied ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Sport and Exercise ScienceApplied Biological ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Sport Business ManagementBusinessHNDYes2AsNone
Sport Development and CoachingSports Coaching and DevelopmentHNCYes2AsNone
Sport Development and CoachingApplied Sports ScienceHNDYes2AsNone
Sport Development and CoachingFitness, Health and ExerciseHNDYes2AsNone
Sport PsychologySocial SciencesHNDYes2AsNone