Undergraduate funding

If you're considering starting a degree course in the next year or so, you'll want to make sure you have your finances sorted out in good time. We're here to help you find out if there's funding available to help you with tuition and living costs.

Student loans

Students from UK and Republic of Ireland

All UK students are entitled to take out a student loan to help meet living costs.

If you’re a student from Scotland and have taken out a loan with SAAS, you’re not required to start paying back the loan until the April after you’ve graduated and are earning a salary of above £27,660 per annum. This threshold normally increases every year with inflation.

For students from England, the threshold is £25,000.

For students from Northern Ireland, the threshold is £22,015.

For students from Wales, the threshold is £27,295.

There are two main types of loan you can apply for:

  1. Tuition fee loan
  2. Maintenance loan which can help with your living costs, such as rent, food, travel and books

Students from the Republic of Ireland who are living in the Republic of Ireland, who have been ordinarily resident in the Common Travel Area of the UK, Islands or Ireland for three years prior to the relevant date (for autumn start courses this is 1 August) who are studying in Scotland will be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £9,250 from SAAS.

Scottish and UK students can also access additional grants to help with their individual circumstances, including childcare and disabled allowances.

You only pay back loans. You do not need to pay back scholarships, bursaries or grants.

International students (excluding Republic of Ireland)

If you are an international student we have a range of scholarships available, including an automatic scholarship of up to £30k for EU students.

Students from the USA

The University of Stirling is eligible to certify loan applications for the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). US students who are enrolled on a University of Stirling degree are eligible for loans and may borrow up to their calculated Cost of Attendance (provided by the university and updated for each year of a student’s programme). 

Additional funding sources

A number of funding bodies and trusts provide additional student funding for a variety of reasons, including academic attainment, background and area of study.

Independent students

You're classed as an independent student if you are 25 or over on the first day of your course, married or have supported yourself from your own earnings or benefits three years prior to the start of your course.

If you’re living in Scotland, you could be eligible to receive the Independent Students’ Bursary from SAAS. The bursary is income assessed. Unlike a loan, you don't need to repay the bursary.

You may also be eligible for other living cost grants, such as a Dependants' Grant, Lone Parent Grant and the Disabled Students' Allowance. For guidance, contact the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

Student support

We can help if you run into financial problems. Our Money Support team offer confidential financial advice, whatever your situation. We also have access to discretionary and childcare funds.

Get more information from our Money Support team.

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