Leaving your accommodation

Please read the following instructions for what you need to do when leaving your student accommodation.

  • Return your key or access card to the reception desk for your building. Make sure your door is locked and the window closed on departure. Once you have returned your key, any items remaining in your room will be deemed to be unwanted and will be disposed of.
  • Remove all your personal belongings - don’t forget to check kitchens, bathrooms, store cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and overhead lockers and under the mattress.
  • Leave all areas clean and tidy. Any charges that may be made for extra cleaning of communal areas will be divided equally between all residents.
  • Take all rubbish to the outside bins.
  • Consider whether an item could be recycled before throwing it away. There are donation stations in the main reception areas - any items left at the donation stations will be picked up by the Student Union Green and Blue Space team.
  • Remember that your duvet and pillow belong to the University and must be left in your room.
  • Ensure that you report any faults/defects to the building reception. Inventories are checked when you vacate your accommodation and you may be charged for items that are found to be damaged or broken.
  • Remove all furniture that does not belong to the University.
  • Ensure that all rent payments are up to date.
  • Remember to change your address with your doctor/bank etc. If you wish your mail to be redirected, please ensure that you contact Royal Mail and complete their relevant paperwork. Any mail received after you have left will be returned to sender.

Returning your key

If your residence has on site reception, please return the key to the main desk. If it does not, you should return the keys to the following Reception desk:

Key drop-off details
Column one lists residences, column two details where to drop your keys
Your residence Key drop-off
Fraser of Allander House
H  H Donnelly House
Pendreich Way
Reception Desk at Andrew Stewart Hall
Muirhead House Reception Desk at Juniper Court

Polwarth House
Willow Court

Reception Desk at Beech Court
Lyon Crescent
Thistle Chambers
Spittal Hill
Union Street, Bridge of Allan
Reception Desk at John Forty's Court

Failure to return the keys on the day you leave can result in additional charges being levied.