Connecting with a low-carbon Scotland

Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Network - Connecting with a low-carbon Scotland

The network is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh under its Research Network in the Arts and Humanities award scheme.  It involves humanities scholars from the universities of Stirling, Warwick, Durham, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Dundee, Queen Mary University of London, Dublin City, Exeter and the Open University, as well as Creative Scotland, the Crichton Carbon Centre and Creative Carbon Scotland.

Image of Low Carbon

The network objectives are:

  • to establish an interdisciplinary research network between humanities scholars on the development of a low-carbon society in Scotland;
  • to develop public knowledge and understanding of the move to a low-carbon society as a cultural happening in Scotland and to engage with Scottish cultural institutions and relevant non-academic actors in Scottish civil society;
  • to organise an interdisciplinary academic conference and free public engagement events to facilitate knowledge exchange about how cultural production and representations in Scotland can help facilitate Scotland’s transition to a low-carbon society;
  • to publish a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary research monograph exploring how moving to a low-carbon society is presented as a cultural phenomenon in Scotland in powerful narratives – literature and theatre, law, politics, history, visual arts and media; and
  • to formulate a major proposal for AHRC research grant funding to develop the network and themes further.

For further information, download RSE Research Network - Connecting with a low-carbon Scotland. If you are interested in finding out more about the network or participating in it, please contact Professor Gavin Little at