Visions and aims

The Centre for Environment, Heritage and Policy has the following vision and aims:


Environment and heritage are central to our identity and wellbeing in the face of global challenges. Members of the Centre aim to make a difference by developing new approaches to environment and heritage – and the threats, challenges and opportunities they face. In doing so they seek to create sustainable solutions to ‘real-world’ problems. A significant proportion of the research is characterised by attention to the conflicts and pressures surrounding natural and cultural resources and the ways in which new policies and practices can address issues of inequality and social justice, both between and within developed and developing nations. In doing so it is also attentive to how ideas about environment and heritage are created and contested. Integrating research in the arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, the Centre’s members work with communities, practitioners and policymakers to create more resilient futures through collaborative practices.


  • To facilitate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and funding bids across the University and with external partners.
  • To promote and support a portfolio of degree programmes linked to the Centre.
  • To use the Centre’s extensive links with industry partners and policymakers to facilitate knowledge transfer and research impact.
  • To increase research capacity by supporting the recruitment of doctoral students and early career researchers.
  • To develop an integrated strategy to promote Stirling’s expertise and world-leading research in environment and heritage.