Students' Union venues

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back place to grab a coffee or a bustling bar to hit with friends, the Students’ Union has got you covered. Located right here on campus, every Union venue is run with students’ needs in mind and designed to offer safe, fun places you can call your own.

Take a closer look at Students’ Union venues below, and keep an eye on the upcoming events they’ll be hosting in the Students’ Union Event Calendar.


Brewing Starbucks coffee and offering a range of paninis, soup, sandwiches, cakes and more to either grab and go or enjoy in laid-back surroundings, it’s a great place to grab something and catch up with friends.


Serving a selection of breakfast and lunch options with something for everyone, Venue caters for a wide range of dietary needs (including vegan and vegetarian) it also offers Starbucks coffees and smoothies. Venue is a multi-purpose space that also hosts special events throughout the year.


Featuring the world famous macaroni cheese and curly fries, both the counter service and Stone Willy’s menus offer a wide variety of choice throughout the day. Studio offers a well-stocked bar with student focused activities with weekly quizzes and Karaoke as well as live sport including BT Sport.