Research at the Psychology Kindergarten

How our kindergarten helps psychology research

Psychology at the University of Stirling has a long history of forward-thinking excellence in developmental research. Our University researchers conduct innovative and world-leading child development research and teaching.  

At our Kindergarten we help support this research using a variety of approaches with our researchers and children, ranging from observational studies, free-play paradigms and eye-tracking.

Information for parents and guardians

Parents and guardians can be reassured that all research projects are carried out to rigorous health and safety standards and we also follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you register your child at our kindergarten you can decide whether or not you are happy for your child to participate in our research activities. These activities and exercises are a complimentary part of your child’s experience at the kindergarten and will not disrupt their learning. We create an active, mutual community between staff and parents by feeding back any result of our activities. 

The kindergarten is invaluable for our research and teaching activities at the University of Stirling, which aim to enhance the experience of our students by providing them with a unique ‘real world’ setting for developmental psychology.

Ready Generations report

Ready Generations report

Following on from our intergenerational pilot project, some of our researchers have been involved in an exciting report led by Ready Generations, on the role of grandparents and how grandparent's role has changed during the COVID pandemic.

Read the report