Global Security and Resilience

Our expertise in Global Security and Resilience spans a wide range of academic subjects and perspectives, but has the common goal of providing the world’s growing population with a sustainable and secure way of living.

We explore how the world’s forests, and its flora and fauna are evolving in response to climate change, and investigate how humans interact with the world – whether that is face-to-face in the field of international diplomacy, or digitally, within the context of cyber security.

Research Spotlights

Fish farm in loch
Research Spotlight

Aquaculture research

Our Institute of Aquaculture's priorities reflect a global interest in understanding how aquaculture can support the rapidly increasing human population without depleting wild-fish stocks.

View of the river Thames and London skyline
Research Spotlight

Saving Europe's freshwaters

Find out how our research has been critical to implementing major new policies to repair tens of thousands of water bodies across Europe.

Related research programmes

Extreme Events

Extreme events can range from bereavement to flooding; disease to social unrest. We research how societies and ecosystems can prepare for the unexpected.

Environmental Change

Driven by human influence, environmental change is accelerating. We explore sustainable solutions for a more resilient future.

Global Food Security

The global population is expected to rise from 7.6 billion to 9.8 billion by 2050. Our ambition is to ensure that there is enough food for future generations.

Human Security, Conflict and Cooperation

We explore the impact of climate change on human security, and identify ways to manage the conflicts it causes.

Being Connected

Social division and exclusion are increasing worldwide. We tackle inequality by analysing social networks, geographies and big data technologies.

More research themes

Cultures, Communities and Society

Striving to bring communities together in mutually-beneficial ways.

Living Well

Helping people to maintain, attain or regain good health.