University of Stirling academic to dispel ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth

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The theory that parents’ low aspirations are to blame for their children’s lack of progress at school will be challenged by a University of Stirling academic.

Dr Morag Treanor

Dr Morag Treanor

Dr Morag Treanor, a senior lecturer in Sociology, will dispel the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth at a seminar hosted by the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) tomorrow.

Aspirations have become a key educational policy driver in Scotland and the rest of the UK, and are seen as critical levers for closing the attainment gap between children and young people of high and low socio-economic backgrounds.

However, Dr Treanor will use research from the Growing up in Scotland longitudinal study to challenge the belief that children’s less successful progress in education can be blamed on the low aspirations of their parents.

The University of Stirling is one of the partners of the CRFR centre which is based at the University of Edinburgh.

The informal seminar, entitled Can we put the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth to bed now?, will be held at 23 Buccleuch Place in Edinburgh between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

CRFR informal seminars are free but booking is essential. To register please email:

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