Student Managed Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) at the University of Stirling was created in September 2017 to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of investments and portfolio management. Membership of the SMIF is open to any student, undergraduate or postgraduate, in any field of study.

The SMIF exposes students to a professional investment environment. In addition to gaining technical knowledge about the valuation of stocks, members also have the opportunity to develop important soft skills in areas such as creativity, teamwork and communication. In its very short existence, the SMIF has helped its members to develop the skill-set required for a career in the financial sector.

student on campus in front of wallace monument

How the SMIF works

The SMIF is organised as a Students’ Union society, with advice and support provided by academic staff from the Accounting and Finance Division of Stirling Management School. The SMIF is governed by a Constitution which identifies the following aims:

  • To use skills developed through involvement in the society in order to pitch investment ideas and create a portfolio in line with the fund’s investment policy.
  • To provide insight into the roles of equity analysts and fund managers and provide the experience of using professional financial databases for equity research.
  • To improve the employability of members by providing the experience in investment research.

Since its foundation, over sixty students have joined the SMIF every year. Members are free to organise themselves into Sector Teams to research the investment potential of the stocks of publicly listed companies in particular industry sectors, or to work independently. 

To find out more, visit the SMIF website