Career mentoring in Natural Sciences

Mentoring is widely recognised as a valuable tool for helping graduates with the transition into their careers or further studies. 

Student with research assistant at computer

Our mentoring programme

Our Faculty of Natural Sciences Career Mentoring Programme enables our students to link with mentors (alumni and employers) to enhance their knowledge of possible careers, while gaining a greater understanding of businesses and recruitment processes.

How our mentors help

Our mentors stay in touch with students and help by:

  • Discussing their career choices and options with them.
  • Assisting them to identify their skills, abilities and qualities.
  • Building their confidence and assisting them to improve on their weaknesses.
  • Informing them about internships and recruitment schemes open to graduates.
  • Providing advice about job applications, job searching and CV writing.
  • Providing opportunities for them to develop their interview skills.
  • Giving them an insight into a particular industry.

The mentoring project was a great opportunity to explore what options are out there and to hear from someone who used to be in a similar situation made it even more interesting.

Eszter Karath, Student

The benefits of the scheme: for students

I’ve gained an invaluable insight into the possible options available to me with my degree. Through being partnered with a previous student I have been able to learn so much more about life after University. This has helped advance my confidence, motivation and drive with my studies as I am able to see the clear direction I hope to take and achieve.

Stephen Bewsher, Student

  • Improving your existing employability skills and support the transition into graduate employment or education in your chosen field.
  • Building your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Providing specific insights into a particular industry and/or job role.
  • Developing long-term network opportunities.
  • Gaining a third-party non-judgemental perspective, for example on CVs and applications.
  • Helping clarify and enhance career direction and advancement.
  • Helping help you with understanding of the job market and searching for jobs.

The benefits of the scheme: for mentors

I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to be a mentor. There’s a gulf between academic qualifications and real experience. Anything, such as this mentoring programme that can lessen the gap, is a good thing. Students need the practical skills.

Duncan Perrin, Mentor and Risk Management Surveyor

  • To reflect on your experiences from a new perspective, and to learn from those about to enter into employment.
  • To develop your leadership and coaching skills by guiding and supporting students.
  • To retain links with the Faculty which may lead to future collaborations, projects or events.
  • Sense of satisfaction in knowing you’ve helped students make the transition into their careers.
  • Employers appreciate CVs with volunteering, coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Studies suggest that participation in mentoring programmes has a significant positive impact on salary grade for both mentors and mentees. (Sun Microsystems University, case study, 2010. Calculating a mentor's effect on salary and retention, CGMA, December 2016).

How to become a mentor

Would you like to be involved? Your knowledge and experience can help and inspire our students as they start their career.

For more information and an application form please get in touch with