Help to Grow: Management Course

The University of Stirling, as a Small Business Charter accredited institution, is one of a select number of partners delivering the UK Government's Help to Grow: Management Course.

The course is designed for SME senior managers seeking to boost their business’s performance, resilience and long-term growth.
The cost to attend is 90% funded by the UK Government (company contribution of £750).

The course includes 12 sessions delivered by leading academics from Stirling Management School, peer-to-peer learning amongst fellow SME leaders, plus 10 hours of tailored mentoring from external business experts.

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Course details

  • 12-week delivery.
  • Online focused, with four on-campus sessions.
  • Peer support and mentoring throughout.
  • Designed to be taken alongside full-time work.
  • An in-depth and high quality curriculum.
  • Theoretical and business expertise, blended with industry contributions.
  • Access to an alumni network.

Course modules

  1. Strategy and Innovation
  2. Digital Adoption
  3. Internationalisation and Winning New Markets
  4. Vision, Mission and Values
  5. Developing a Marketing Strategy
  6. Building a Brand
  7. Organisational Design
  8. Employee Engagement and Leading Change
  9. High Performance Workplace
  10. Efficient Operations
  11. Finance and Financial Management
  12. Implementing Growth Plans

Course benefits

  • Enhance your management and strategic capabilities.
  • Produce a growth plan specific for your business.
  • Build resilience to future shocks.
  • Learn how to innovate in your business.
  • Adopt digital technologies to boost productivity and operational agility.
  • Develop your value proposition and reach into growth markets.
  • Improve employee engagement and responsible business practices.

Graeme Clark of Scot Serve Ltd

"25 years in the business and you think you know your path; this course re-directed our thinking and made us realise that the basic principles should not be ignored to ensure you can drive your business forwards for the long term. I'd encourage anyone who owns a business in this post pandemic world to attend this course - make the time, you won't regret it."

Graeme Clark, Managing Director, Wholesale Brand Management Ltd

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