Disability access

Pathfoot Building lift refurbishment 8 January to late March 2024

Use of the upper lift will not be available from 8 January until mid-February 2024. Access to Corridors A-G (lower and mid levels) can be achieved by use of the front entrance. The lower lift will be fully operational during this period when the upper lift is out of commission.

Use of the lower lift will not be available from mid-February until late March 2024. Deliveries and access to Corridors D-L (mid and upper level) can be achieved by use of the rear (Aquaculture) entrance. The upper lift will be fully operational during this period when the lower lift is out of commission with new external wall screens.

The main staired concourse and Crush Hall area will not be affected by the works.

The Pathfoot Building is fully accessible to all.

Wheelchair access is available at the main front entrance by ramp and there is level access at the back.

Although the building is over several levels, all levels are accessible by lifts, and all doors to the main gallery spaces can be remotely operated.

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It is now possible to search the Art Collection and the University Archive remotely through our new online collections search pages.

If you have any queries contact art.collection@stir.ac.uk