Supporting documents and further information for your visa application


You may need to supply a number of supporting documents as part of your visa application. We've compiled the followed guide to help get you started.

Documents you will need


You can download the guide to the main supporting documents from UKVI here

A detailed overview of the types of documentation expected with a Tier 4 (General) student application can be found here.

The Home Office have also produced a separate guide to the documentation in simplified Chinese.



If you are using documents which are not in English, you must also provide a translation. The translation must contain:

  • Confirmation from the translator or translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  • The date of the translation
  • The full name and signature of the translator or of an authorised official of the translation company
  • The translator or translation company's contact details

Currency Conversions


If you are providing evidence of funding in a currency other than GB pounds, you should check the value of your funding by performing a currency conversion here: This is the web site used by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) to check currency values.

You should note that currency values vary day to day. If you are preparing your funding in a currency other than GB pounds you should allow for a variation in currency value by depositing more than the minimum funds needed.

Evidence of your funding


UKVI will need to see that you have enough funding to meet the costs of your studies in the UK. This includes the first year of tuition (fees) plus living costs (maintenance)

How much money do I need to show?

 You will have to have enough money to pay the tuition fees for the first year of your course PLUS £1015 per month to meet your living costs up to a maximum of 9 months.

You can deduct any fees already paid to the University as long as that amount is shown on your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). This may include you commitment fee paid at the time of your application to the University.

You can also deduct up to a maximum of £1020 for any payments made towards your accommodation.

Most degree level students coming to the UK for 12 months or more will have to show the maintenance amount (£1015) for their first 9 months in the UK - £9135.

An example of how much you would currently have to show is set out below:


Tuition fees for first year of course:

+  £1015 per month living expenses to a maximum of 9 months (£9135)  -

Any tuition paid to the University in advance and up to £1020 of accommodation fees paid in advance:

(£1000 fees paid plus £1020 accommodation paid)


Funding student needs to show


£12,800  + £9,135 -  £2,020  = £19,915


The maintenance requirement is set by UKVI and is subject to change. Please contact the University or refer to the UKVI website to receive the most up to date information.

If you have studied in the UK recently or you are applying for another visa to continue your studies please go to the extending your stay section.

How can I show my funding?

You can show funding in the following ways:

  • Official financial sponsorship
  • Financial sponsorship from the University of Stirling
  • Money already paid to the University for tuition fees or accommodation
  • Cash in your bank account or a joint account which you hold with someone else
  • Cash in your parents’/guardian’s bank account
  • A loan agreement from a bank or your government

You can show your funding through a combination of sources from this list. For example, some money in your bank account and financial sponsorship which pays your tuition fees.

The requirements are explained briefly below. However, you should check the detailed requirements in the guide to supporting documents produced by UKVI.

Official Financial Sponsorship


If you are or will be receiving financial support from an official financial sponsor (the UK Government, your home government, the British Council, a university or an international organisation or international company), you must provide an original letter from the sponsor that includes the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name and contact details of the official financial sponsor
  • The date of the letter
  • The length of the sponsorship
  • The amount of money they will give you and/or pay towards your fees or, if the sponsorship will cover all your costs, a statement that the sponsor will cover all your academic fees and living costs.
  • The official stamp of the financial sponsor
  • The names of any dependants for whom support is paid

If your sponsor is only funding part of your studies, you must provide additional financial information (see below) to show that you can meet the rest of the costs yourself.


Financial Sponsorship from the University of Stirling


If you are receiving financial support from the University of Stirling, we can confirm this support on your CAS. Please tell the International and Postgraduate Admissions team about any scholarship or other financial support offered to you by the University if this has not already been included in your CAS information. 


Money already paid to the University for tuition fees or accommodation


Any money you have paid us for your tuition fees (including the commitment fee) can be included in UKVI’s calculation of your funding.  UKVI will also take account of up to £1020 paid in advance for accommodation. Please check the CAS information we send you. If it does not include all the money you have paid us, please contact us. Your CAS will not be automatically updated if you pay more money to us – you must contact the International and Postgraduate Admissions team if you have paid money which does not appear on your CAS.

Money paid for private accommodation will not be included in UKVI’s calculation of your funding.

Cash in your bank account


Money in your bank account must be held as a cash balance (bonds, share certificates and other investment and savings instruments are not acceptable), but there can be a notice period required for withdrawals.

Bank statements must:

  • Be in your name (joint accounts are acceptable)
  • Be printed on the bank’s headed paper
  • Show your name and the date of the statement
  • Show your current balance
  • Show that you have held the appropriate balance for at least 28 days
  • The required closing balance must be less than one month old on the day you submit your application

If your bank statement is not on official headed paper (for example because it is an on-line statement) you must take it to the bank and ask the staff to stamp each page with an official bank stamp. If you keep your money in a building society savings account you can send the passbook instead (or present a letter as described below).

If you cannot provide up to date bank statements (for example because you lost them or are waiting for them to come), you can present a bank letter that contains the same information and confirms that you have held the required funds for 28 consecutive days, and confirming the current balance. 

If you are using a joint bank statement you should ask the other account holder to provide a letter confirming that they agree that the money in the account can be used to pay for your studies in the UK. 

Cash in your parents’/guardian’s bank account


Money held in your parents’ account must meet the same requirements as cash held in your own account, but you must also provide:

  • Your original birth certificate showing the names of your parents; or an original adoption certificate showing the same information; or an original court document naming your guardian
  • A letter from your parents/guardian confirming their relationship to you and that they agree that the money in the account can be used to support your studies in the UK 


Loan Agreement


You can show evidence of funding with a loan arranged with a regulated financial institution. Please note that loans arranged privately with family, friends or acquaintances will not be accepted by UKVI.

If you have arranged a loan to fund your studies you must provide a letter which must be dated no more than six months before the date of your application, and must show: 

  • your name;
  • the date of the letter;
  • the financial institution's name and logo; and
  • the amount of money (or funds) available as a loan.

Loan funds must be available to you before you travel to the UK.

US Students: if you are funding your studies by US federal loans, we will assess your cost of attendance and loan eligibility and provide a statement of this which will be accepted by UKVI. If you are supplementing your federal loan funding with private loans, you will need to get confirmation of your private loans from the provider.

Bank accounts and loan providers: UKVI checks


UKVI sometimes check the validity of financial documents with banks and other financial institutions.  There are some banks and financial institutions from which UKVI will not accept evidence.  If your funds are held with a financial institution from which UKVI does not accept evidence, these funds will not be accepted for visa purposes.

View the list of institutions from which UKVI does not accept bank statements.  

Letter of consent from scholarship agency if you have received a scholarship in the last 12 months


If you have received financial sponsorship from a government or international scholarship agency within the last 12 months you will need a letter confirming that they agree to you coming to the UK for further study, even if they will not be funding your studies.


Your Qualifications


Your CAS will list one or more qualifications which we have used to assess your ability to follow your course. This information will be listed in the CAS section “Documents”  or  “Evidence Used to Obtain Offer”.

You will need to include the original qualification documents with your visa application.

ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme)


Research students (PhD and MRes students) in the Faculty of Natural Sciences may need to apply for an ATAS certificate before applying for a visa. If you need to do this it will be noted in the CAS information we send you.

You can apply for the certificate online at . This website explains the application process and the documents you will need. The scheme aims to issue certificates within 4 weeks of an application but the process can sometimes take longer. If possible, students who need an ATAS certificate should start the process of applying for one at least two months before they submit their visa application.

Students who have studied in the UK before or are continuing studies


If you are applying for a visa to continue a course that you have already started, you should request your CAS from

If you are starting a new programme of study at Stirling, the University must confirm on your CAS that your new course represents progress from your last studies in the UK or that the new course complements (adds to) your previous studies.  “Progress” normally means that your new course should be at a higher level than your last studies. It is possible to study two courses at the same level if it is clear that one qualification enhances the other. We may ask you for additional information about your study choice if you are planning to take a second course at the same level.

There is a limit on the number of years you can study in the UK at each level of study.

Extending your stay in the UK


If you already have a Tier 4 visa and you are applying from within the UK to extend your stay, you will need to prepare your supporting documents as described on this page. You should contact the Student Immigration Team directly before submitting your visa application. ‌

Time Limits on study in the UK


UKVI have introduced limits on the number of years you can study in the UK. When calculating the time limit, UKVI will not count the extra time given on your visa at the start or end of your course.

If you are concerned that time limits may affect your studies, please contact the Student Immigration Team.

Note on applicants meeting the “differentiation arrangements”


UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) have special arrangements (called “differentiation arrangements”) for certain nationalities that they have classified as 'low risk'

If you have one of the following passports, and you are applying for your PBS Tier 4 visa in your own country, you will qualify for the differentiation arrangements. 

Argentina, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan (provided the passport includes a Taiwanese ID card number), Trinidad and Tobago, UAE, USA, British National Overseas.

You will not need to submit evidence of your financial support or your qualifications with your visa application.

However, UKVI reserve the right to request these documents at any time whilst your application is being considered. Therefore you should still prepare the documents described in this guidance note, or make sure you can get them quickly in case UKVI request them.

If you do not qualify for the differentiation arrangements, you must submit all the supporting documents requested by UKVI at the same time that you submit your paper application form. Before proceeding with a visa application please check whether or not you require an ATAScertificate. You should also check whether or not you require a TB test before travelling.

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