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What's it like to live and study at Stirling?


Here you will find students and graduates from past and present years describing life and study in Stirling. A number of courses, age groups and backgrounds are represented.


Nicola Kearney

Accountancy and Sports Studies


"Stirling offers great flexibility in its joint degree programmes. I enrolled in Sports Studies but was able to change my programme in Year 1 to include an accountancy module. In Year 2 I joined the Cheerleading Squad. That’s one of the best things about the University – you get the chance to study towards an excellent degree whilst having the flexibility to change your degree choice and be a member of a large variety of successful sports teams."

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Caroline Orr

Animal Biology


"I chose the University of Stirling because of the great variety of topics covered in the programme and with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on the field course to Switzerland. I love the idea of being involved in scientific research and thought this would be a good programme to start me off. The campus is very beneficial to the programme I am studying because we were able to do a lot of field work right on our door step, as well as the field excursions organised away from the University. Stirling had so much to offer, from the flexible degree plans, the new and improved library, the sport facilities to the beautiful campus; it would be hard not to consider studying here."

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Jennifer Gibb

3rd Year, BSc (Hons) Animal Biology


"I've got so much out of my time so far at Stirling - the lecturers are positive and supportive and the Department’s facilities are really impressive. It's been a challenge, but the programme is really exciting - I even travelled to Portugal last year for a fieldwork project, which was amazing."

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Jamie MacDonald

Business Studies and Sports Studies


"Having completed four years as an undergraduate studying Business Studies and Sports Studies, and currently in the middle of a two-year term as Sports Union President, I am absolutely convinced that there is no better place in Scotland for sport. The unique mix of a stunning campus setting with fantastic modern sports facilities means that students are spoiled for choice when it comes to sport. We have over 40 different sports clubs which cater for all abilities and interests. These clubs will help you keep fit and healthy, provide your social life and, if you’re lucky, help you travel the world. I would encourage you to come to the University of Stirling and be part of what is a very special sporting environment."

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Lyndsey Mullen

Criminology and Sociology


"Stirling is a great place to live and study, and the University is of a really high standard. The campus is lovely and everything is close together, like a little community. It is the ‘social’ aspect of the Criminology and Sociology programme which particularly interests me; I enjoy learning about people and society. I am looking into doing a postgraduate programme in Social Work at Stirling, hoping the programme will kick-start a career in that field. For me, the best things about Stirling is the quality of teaching, the campus and the sports clubs – I would recommend this University to any student."

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Rebekah Mayhew



"The Ecology programme offers a good balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of Ecology. Being an outdoor enthusiast, Stirling is also one of the best places to be based to have easy access to the best of what Scotland has to offer in terms of walking, climbing and wildlife. Lectures have always been interesting and topical. The practicals have always been aimed with a future career in mind – skills that will be needed if you want to carry on with an ecology profession. The best thing about Stirling is its location and the opportunities and support that I’ve been given by the Biological and Environmental Science staff to help further my studies, and give my career a head start."

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Andy Ferrara

2nd Year, BA Economics


"The teaching structure at Stirling is great – the programme has a real emphasis on developing practical skills. I came to Stirling because the Economics Division has a great reputation and the campus is beautiful."

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Kim Allison

3rd Year, BA (Hons) English Studies and Professional Education


"University of Stirling was my first choice with its idyllic setting, high quality of teaching and practical, hands-on approach to teacher training. I’m really enjoying my time here – the Department of English Studies staff are highly creative and always helpful. The teaching that English students receive is really constructive and we get the chance to develop a wide variety of skills, from team working to giving presentations. I’d love to be an author and my time at Stirling has confirmed both my passion for English and my desire to refine my own craft while enjoying analysing other writers’ work."

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Rhianna Humphrey

English Studies


"I came to study English Studies here because the programme interested me and when I came for an open day I fell in love with the campus. Everyone was really friendly on that first trip and that’s been true ever since. For me, what’s really special about Stirling is the community. From the second you start as a student you’re a member of the Union and you’re immediately part of what really is the heart of Stirling. It’s difficult to feel alone with such a strong sense of community and with so many clubs and sports all under one roof you won’t know what to join first. I’d quite like to be in your shoes so I could choose Stirling again"

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Eoghan Wilkie

2nd Year, BA English Studies and Global Cinema & Culture


"I feel like I trust the University - the people I've met so far have all been really helpful, friendly and hospitable, and I've met lots of good friends through my time here. It's like an interactive library of people - a real resource to draw on."

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Ruth Bryers

English Studies with History and Professional Education (Secondary)


"I had been to several other open days when I was looking for my perfect university. I gained entry into Stirling through the SWAP access course that Carnegie College in Dunfermline provided. As soon as I drove up into the campus, I knew I wanted to study here. The loch, the trees, the sprawling lawn areas all made me feel at home. When going round and speaking to various departments, they were so friendly; they made me feel like I could be a success if I put my trust in them. This was very important as a mature student. When I found out that I could do my education qualification along with my degree, I felt a big weight release from my shoulders. I could be back out in the big wide world doing my dream job within four years and not have to do an extra year for teaching."

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Rebecca Barclay

Environmental Geography


"I came to Stirling because it offers physical and scientific exploration of geography, rather than just human geography. It’s brilliant being able to get real-life experience – we can carry out field work less than 30 minutes from campus. I’ve also been able to travel, which is fantastic – this year I’ve been to Spain and my dissertation has taken me to Iceland."

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Gail Thomson

2nd Year, BSc Environmental Geography and Professional Education


"I came to Stirling as the programme it offers is unique within Scotland - by combining education with geography, I get a degree and a teaching qualification all in four years. The external placements are definitely one of the biggest learning experiences and the 'hands-on' elements have helped us all grow in confidence so much."

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Miroslaw Czubaszek

Film, Media & Journalism


"I chose Stirling because of its good reputation, high position in the rankings and the opportunities on offer. I have to say that the location of the University and its beautiful campus were two most decisive factors. What is more, the University provides one of the best courses in Film, Media & Journalism. I have joined the AirTV society, which enables you to gain some experience in filmmaking, work with other students or get some help and advice about projects. They also provide training for complete beginners. Stirling is a fantastic place to be. You will find your studies are interesting, you will make friends and live in a beautiful place. It will definitely be a precious experience and one of the best times in your life."

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Lelde Benke

French & Journalism Studies


"I chose Stirling because I’d heard good things about the quality of education here, particularly in the Media department. The University allowed me to combine the two things I couldn’t for the life of me choose between studying. Although I started off studying Media, the flexible system allowed me to easily swap it with Journalism in my second semester. In seminars, students’ participation is encouraged and you really feel like your opinion matters. Lectures also tend to be very dynamic. The campus and new library are awesome, and I love how compact the campus is so you can always run into people you know and really feel at home."

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Maricarmen Domador Pineda

International Study Centre Student


"The International Study Centre makes transition onto a degree programme so easy. We learn a variety of different subjects as well as English, and if my marks are good enough I’ll progress straight into the second year of a degree in Business Studies and Film & Media. It’s a great way to meet people in the same situation as you. We all look out for each other."

Emma Conaghan

3rd Year, BSc Nursing Mental Health


"I moved on to the Mental Health Nursing degree programme from an access course and it’s been really rewarding. The Department has a really good reputation - it's very friendly and the staff are very approachable. The degree suits me as it's very practical - our time is equally split between theory and practice and we do three placements every year. We're expected to meet high targets for practical skills and we have to prove we can do every aspect of the degree programme."

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Seonaid Lynn

4th Year, BSc Hons Psychology, Graduated 2008


"I was attracted to Stirling because of the campus. I liked the sense of community and was struck by the fact that students came from all parts of the UK and the world to be here – not just the surrounding area. The Psychology Department is welcoming, its staff is research active and widely published. Their research really informs their teaching – each discipline has equal priority. Because of that, you may find yourself coming out of a lecture and able to do further reading from texts that were written by your own tutor. I’d like a career in Clinical Psychology. The Department here offers a third year module in Clinical and Health Psychology which sparked an interest I would like to take further. I’d particularly like to work in mental health as it’s an area in which I would love to make a difference if I possibly can."

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Scott McElveen

4th Year, BSc (Hons) Software Engineering, Graduated 2008


"I was drawn to Stirling because I can study Computing without any previous experience – it’s one of very few universities that welcomes students starting from scratch. The most rewarding aspects of the programme are the group assignments – by teamworking as part of your studies you get to figure out what your strengths in the workplace will be. Also I’m a Microsoft student partner, which has given me access to new technologies and the chance to meet other students from all over the country who are also passionate about the field."

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Ross Chesham

Sport and Exercise Science


"The University of Stirling is regarded as the best sports university in Scotland. The sports facilities are excellent. It is also close to home so I could keep my (sports-related) job and maintain an income whilst studying. Originally I wanted to do Sport Science, but then I realised that I was better suited to Sport and Exercise Science, so I asked Stirling if I could change. The University was really helpful and the course change happened very quickly. The flexibility of the programme structure is one of the best things about Stirling, as well as the sports facilities, ease of access and beautiful environment."

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Tom Spencer

The Students' Union President 2008-2009


"I chose Stirling because I'd heard good things about it and got involved in SUSA so that I could have a positive impact on the University and the experience of students at Stirling. What I love about Stirling is its community feel and I'm confident that the skills I've developed and experiences I've had here will set me in good stead for whatever it is I settle on in my future."

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