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Sebastian Thamm

MSc International HRM


The University of Stirling has a very good reputation worldwide and is one of the best Universities in the whole of Scotland. The campus is insanely beautiful and the entire university has so much to offer - from excellent academic programmes, to sport facilities and clubs right up to diverse student societies. It appeared to me very soon that my year won´t be composed of just exams and essays but also a marvellous social life.

One key benefit is that you will be challenged every day. You get to know your strength and weaknesses very quickly. Especially on my weaknesses I was and I still am forced to work on in order to improve them. Another benefit is that you will make friends from all over the world. They are useful in two different ways. On the one hand from a business perspective and from the other hand for future holidays J

Yet another benefit is the improvement of my self-confidence, English speaking skills and open-mindedness. These benefits are indispensable in today´s business environment. 

The programme was distinguished by a familiar and friendly environment throughout the academic year. Every lecturer was approachable and ready to support whenever it was required. Also, the variety between exams, presentations, and essays was very diverse and helpful to strengthen your abilities in different areas. The consistent international outlook is definitely a key feature. There is also the opportunity to choose between a dissertation and a research project. So, the students have the choice to decide between a more academic and more practical dissertation. The programme is managed by a highly suitable programme director.

First of all, I know that a master programme abroad is a big step for many prospective students. But the experience and the challenge studying in Stirling is worth it. Every student from all over the world who consider to study in Stirling will make a good decision since this programme will enrich your personality and your expertise. Student´s shouldn´t be afraid too much about their English skills or other experiences, every person at the university, in Stirling or even whole Scotland will help you to reach your goals.

The experience I have had in the course during the whole year is highly beneficial for my job search and future career. Now, I am well prepared for international companies, the adaptability to work in different cultural working environments and the confidence to apply for any kind of organisations I want to work.

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