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Rowan Stewart-Steel

PhD Management (Currently enrolled)

Why I wanted to do a PhD  

After spending a considerable amount of time in practice , I wanted to do something that was concerned with my own personal development. I had undertaken my Undergraduate degree at Stirling and the thought of further study was something that attracted me.

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

I have enjoyed undertaking my PHD at Stirling. I have a very good supervisor who is supportive yet disciplined in his approach, and that has been invaluable. The PHD training I have received has also been beneficial.  

How doing a PhD has helped my career

I am now a Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University and although my PHD wasn’t the only thing they were attracted to, it did help.  However, I am now supervising a number of dissertation students and my PHD training is really paying dividends in terms of my ability to undertake this role.

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