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Pia Charlotte Faeth

MSc International Human Resource Management


After some time in an HR-job I had the desire to do my MSc. I have always used every opportunity to spend some time in other countries and I wanted to study abroad as well.  My partner Jonathan is from Stirling, and I fell in love with the beautiful university campus the first time we went to visit his “old university”.  When I saw that the University of Stirling offered a specialised Masters in International Human Resource Management the decision was an easy one.

The most obvious benefit is that my English skills improved enormously, which is very important as English is becoming used more and more as the universal language of business.  In addition, my cross-cultural sensitivity has improved by working and communicating with many different nationalities.  Besides the fact that I now have a broader understanding of the current issues in International Human Resource Management, I think these other experiences provide essential skills which employers look for nowadays.  I particularly liked how diverse and multinational my classmates and lecturers were because it made the lectures more interesting, with many different perspectives on each issue.  There was always a pleasant working atmosphere and enough time to have plenty fun amidst the hard work.

What I really liked about Stirling, apart from the stunning campus, is that everything was close by - the city centre, the gym, the next pub!  The campus is almost like a small village which makes it easy to get to know people quickly. The various student societies support this as well. Stirling might not be a metropolis but has enough entertainment to offer, and it is affordable to live in!  When you are a student abroad you not only need to watch your money but you also don’t want to take weeks to find your way around, feeling like a stranger. Stirling is an easy place to quickly feel at home in, and after a couple of weeks you will be settled in and can really focus on your studies. 

My MSc at the University of Stirling was very demanding and challenging but has paid off with some great achievements. The Department’s staff, but especially my supervisor was very helpful and supportive at all times.  His excellent supervision and his belief in my abilities has made me realise my potential, and I am now starting my PhD. Studying at Stirling has not only allowed me to learn about my area of interest but also about myself.

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