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Nick Telford

Currently enrolled, Doctor of Philosophy Marketing

Why I wanted to do a PhD

Completing doctoral research has been an ambition since childhood and one that gained momentum during my last decade which was split between working and two master’s degrees.  The combination of intellectual development, the possibilities of professional training and the general endurance test I knew it to be had great appeal.  The reality offered many more opportunities and positive outcomes, personally and professionally, than I could have predicted.

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

I was accepted to study at other universities, but ultimately Stirling offered an unbeatable package of reputation, world-renowned supervision in my area of interest and the all-important funding. Intrapreneurial academics and administrators at Stirling put together a package that also included considerable training and experience in teaching and administration thus giving me a comprehensive academic training.  During my time at Stirling I have been given generous support for conference attendance which has enabled me to build a valuable professional network not to mention many friends around the world. This experience contributed to my ability to develop links in other spheres such as marketing practice and the charity sector which in turn contributes to teaching and research.

Where I aim to head with my career

Having recently completed my thesis, I now feel well equipped to follow an academic career.  My priority is to publish the findings of my doctoral research and pursue other projects with colleagues in the UK and abroad. While searching for a full-time position, in the short term, I have a number of freelance teaching appointments at universities in Scotland which gives me the flexibility to spend time looking after my infant daughter – an altogether different challenge but just as much fun!  

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