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Nicholas Khoo Zhan-Hua

BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing


Testomial Nicholas Khoo Zhan-Hua

Learning to work with the local students in a brand new environment definitely built up my self-efficacy to work outside of my comfort zone.

As well as the University of Stirling’s reputation in retail studies, the modules within the course enabled me to have a better understanding of different jobs across the retail sector.

Nicholas Khoo's story

Nicholas graduated with a BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing in 2017, after choosing to pursue a career in retail. He held down a job as well as his studies, and spent most of his course in Singapore. However, he spent his third semester on our Stirling campus in Scotland - and this gave him an experience he'll never forget. Nicholas was also honoured with the Best Overall Student Award in Retail Marketing. Since graduating, he is now working as a specialist in High Complications and High Jewellery.

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