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Natalia Griem

Business Studies and Psychology


Natalia Griem

The University of Stirling was one of the only Universities in the UK where I could study a combined degree in Business Studies and Psychology, which is exactly what I wanted to study. The flexibility in Stirling’s degree programme timetabling, coupled with the excellent academic reputation, were the main reasons why I chose Stirling. It was nice to know that I was not bound to study a degree for 4 years that I did not fully enjoy. In addition to these academic reasons, the beauty of Stirling’s campus, combined with the friendly staff and student environment, reassured me in my decision. My personal interests in sports and other extra-curricular activities were met by the wide range of student clubs, sports teams and the excellent sporting facilities available at the University of Stirling.

Studying at Stirling has made me a lot more open-minded and internationally oriented, because I met and worked together with students from all over the world. I also learned to work independently and to meet my own personal deadlines, which simultaneously improved my time-management skills that I needed to juggle the various aspects and demands of the course. The flexibility of the degree programme allowed me to choose courses that particularly interested me so I could tailor the course to suit my personal interests. Having completed the dissertation has made me more confident in carrying out research and writing up the results. 

I really enjoyed the mixture of lectures and seminars throughout the course, which allowed a large group of students to be taught by one lecturer on various topics, as well as for students to discuss these topics in more detail with their peers and tutors in seminars. This enabled us to form a better understanding of key concepts, as well as broaden our horizon by hearing other people’s perspectives. Furthermore, the integrated computer lab classes allowed us to develop practical skills that will be very useful for any future career in this field. 

I encourage students to get involved within the University as soon as possible, ideally in their first year of study. In addition to the large number of sports teams and societies available for students to join, there are various great opportunities for students to get involved in the academic side of the University. For example, becoming a course representative, or even a school officer, enables you to communicate between students and staff to help improve the quality of the course. Additionally, the Careers Centre offers many personal development workshops and organises career fairs to support students in growing their employability skills. Getting practical experience through internships also helps you understand more about your own interests, and provides you with invaluable insights into the real work life.

The content of my combined degree courses enabled me to focus and develop some of my key interests from both fields that I hope to pursue in my future career, while simultaneously also showing me which aspects of the fields I do not want to work in. Having studied both Business and Psychology has clarified for me how I can translate my personal interests in both fields into a stimulating future career. The course Social Entrepreneurship, which I took during my study abroad semester in Sydney, has directly impacted my decision for my future career since I plan to work in that field in the near future. The teamwork and communications skills that I developed over my time at University will also be very useful for my future career.

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