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Nadia Thomson

Business Studies

When I initially started my academic studies I was uncertain about which career path I wanted to follow in the future and therefore wanted to choose a University which offered subject flexibility. I found that the University of Stirling offered this with little restriction, allowing students to combine a number of subjects which they felt passionate about. Being a local resident, there was always the option to explore universities further afield, however the University of Stirling offers so much to so many and is one of the most beautiful campuses in Scotland, so why look elsewhere?

Being a local resident, having a top university on my doorstep was something pretty special as I didn't have to uproot my life in order to gain a degree. However, being confused about where I wanted to take my degree, the flexibility for change was something I took great comfort in. Not every university allows such flexibility so if you are in a similar position to myself, I highly recommend considering the University of Stirling. 

I liked how each student could almost hand-pick their degree; each semester we were offered an extensive list of modules which were not degree specific. This really is a strength of the university as you graduate with a degree which is unique to you, built around your personality and passions.

I would say, take the time to research what the university offers extensively, you'll be here a while so you have to make sure it fulfils your expectations. The university offers so much more than academic support, look deeper and see what it offers beyond that, the list is endless.

The University has made me grow as a person. When I initially enrolled I was extremely shy and through the support provided I have flourished into a confident young graduate. Although sometimes difficult, the university has taught me to persevere and that is something I will continue to remember in future careers. Not only this, the diversity present at the university has provided me with the knowledge and skill set to work with individuals from different backgrounds, which I feel has prepared me for a professional working environment.

I would like to thank the University of Stirling for a memorable four years, where I have grown as a person, met some wonderful people and gained a first class degree. I am extremely proud to call myself a University of Stirling Graduate and can't thank you enough for the ongoing support.

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