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Do Quyen Nguyen

MSc Finance

Lecturer, Foreign Trade University

Studying at the University of Stirling impressed me in many ways. The campus is gorgeous and very environmentally friendly. The university is well-equipped and modern enabling students to pursue their research and study. The lecturers at the University of Stirling are not only very competent but very helpful as well. The MSc in Finance course that I pursued for one year was quite intensive yet all the knowledge and experience I gained in the end is worth my effort and has benefitted my career.

Briefly describe your career history to date:
From 2009-2011, I worked as a temporary consultant for the Integrity Vice Presidency - the World Bank Group's Headquarter in Washington D.C - USA. From 2008 to date, I have been working as a lecturer and researcher at Faculty of Banking and Finance, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam.

What attracted you to this career?
Being a lecturer, I find it very challenging and honouring to help my students to explore and develop their knowledge in finance. As a researcher, I can always study more new and interesting things and get deeper understanding in my research areas. Simultaneously, I can be of use to companies, groups and institutions as a consultant.

How did you get into your current job?
By passing the examinations and the interviews given by the Foreign Trade University.

Describe what your current job involves:
Lecturing classes in both Vietnamese and English, doing research and consulting.

Describe a typical working day:
Depending on the semester schedules, my typical working day involves activities such as: lecturing, reading, designing lectures and exam papers for different modules (for instance: Corporate Finance , Accounting, Financial Risk Management, Financial Management), marking papers, instructing students with their research, dissertation, internship, translating text books, writing text books, writing papers for conferences.

In what way did your time at Stirling shape your career to date?
My Stirling experience has benefited me a lot. First of all, it is the theoretical and empirical knowledge I have achieved when attending the courses. In addition, I have been able to observe and acquire the teaching skills and methodologies of the lecturers. The program is designed in a practical way so that learners can understand all the theories behind as well as apply them into practice. The University's facilities are well-equipped with up-to-date database and a diversified library. Additionally, it is the research skills that my supervisor has equipped me with when supervising me with my dissertation. During my study at University of Stirling, I received a lot of supports from lecturers and staff. The course helped me build up confidence in my major, develop my personal and interpersonal skills and gain so much experience for my career as a lecturer. Last but not least, studying in the international environment at University of Stirling has helped me attain necessary skills to work efficiently with other students as a team.

List three things that you love about your job:
Challenging and progressive
Enhance and update knowledge everyday
Interacting with people

List three things you dislike about your job:
Sometimes, too much work come at the same time
Stressful at the early stage of career
Repetition of lecturing

What advice would you give to current students in terms of preparing for life after graduation?
Be very serious about what job you would like to do. Do research about the job requirements and the job market to see if you are qualified for the job and your chances of getting one. If you are not qualified, equip yourself with more necessary skills as soon as possible. If yes, start applying at least a semester before graduation. Be realistic of your available capacity. Set out your career achievements in every 3 or 5 years. If your career path is not smooth at first, do not give up. Try harder and you will be finally awarded in the end.

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