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Amy Hume

MSc Behavioural Science for Management

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

The support from staff in the Behavioural Science Centre was excellent, in terms of academic support throughout the year and helping with career development.

What specific feature(s) did you like most about the course? 

Being able to learn exciting behavioural economics principles and then through the coursework being able to explore areas of real interest to you as an individual. The inclusion of MSc students in all aspects of the Behavioural Science Centre was also a great feature and excellent opportunity for expanding ideas our understanding of Behavioural Science, being able to get involved in additional research and the career networking opportunities the centre provided.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering coming to Stirling?

Make the most of the opportunities that are on offer through the Behavioural Science Centre, expanding your learning through the diverse course content, networking with students from a wide range of backgrounds, get involved in research within the centre and workshops with other researchers and organisations interested in Behavioural Science.

Are you currently employed? If so, please tell us what impact do you think your studies will have on your future career?

Yes, I’m employed in a PR company applying Behavioural Science to communications for a wide vary of clients. I’m applying direct learnings from the MSc and the experience I gained from the course was invaluable in helping me to pursue my chosen career.

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