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Laura Brown

MSc Economics for Business and Policy


Laura Brown

When choosing where to study my undergraduate degree of Law and Politics, Stirling's reputation, beautiful campus and location was perfect for me to commute to amd from Livingston, as I also have a young son to take to school. I graduated with a 2:1, but I didn't want to leave quite yet. I looked into the Masters degrees available, I was interested in Economics for Business and Policy, with the bonus of a number of places fully funded. I submitted my application and managed to obtain a fully funded place on the course.

Before my Masters, I had no prior knowledge of economics or business, only a brief knowledge of policy from my undergraduate studies. I was welcomed and reassured by my lecturers that I would do well despite not having an economic background. I enjoyed almost all aspects of my degree, from the teaching styles, the independent and group assignments, to the structure of the classes and assignments. I was able to show my knowledge and skills through practical tasks and not through exam methods. I enjoyed every report I wrote and even enjoyed presenting my topic for sustainability, a topic I had no prior knowledge of, social and environmental accounting of businesses. The experience of gathering, analysing and communicating findings from data and making recommendations really allowed me to engage with my work. I received six distinction grades and two high merit grades which, despite having no prior knowledge, was a great confidence boost and proves what can be achieved when you apply yourself with dedicated effort and have an interest in your work. I am sincerely proud of the work I completed and this Masters degree has entirely changed my life and furthered my career prospects. I cannot wait to get into a role where I can apply things I have learned.

I would say if you are contemplating this Masters, go for it and you will not regret it. It'll really improve your chances of employment and remarkably widen your career options. Do not be scared of economics, it's not just about money and the economy, nor is it very mathematical. Stirling has changed my life, improved my future prospects and given me self confidence in my abilities. I do not think I would have achieved what I have, both academically or personally, if I’d had attended another university in Scotland.

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