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Katherine Simpson

PhD Economics (Currently enrolled)

Why I wanted to do a PhD

My ambition since undergraduate has been to work at the academic/policy interface in the environmental field. My MSc had prepared me for ecological aspect of my field of interest but I was still eager to concrete the environmental economic skills I had begun to build during my undergraduate degree. On finishing my MSc by Research I felt I still had more to give and learn in the world of Academia and importantly the drive to keep researching.

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

I chose Stirling on the basis that Nick Hanley would be my supervisor – a lead academic in Environmental Economics. I have been very lucky in the fact I have been able to choose the direction of my PhD with some key inputs from Nick. Teaching on the Environmental Economics course has been a highlight for me, as was the opportunity to work as a research assistant on an EU Marine Project. It has been one of the most rewarding and at times one of the most challenging experiences of my career to date.

How doing a PhD helped my career

The policy orientated nature of my PhD is an ideal stepping stone for working in marine and coastal policy. The interdisciplinary nature of my work has opened up a wide range of careers including working for the government environmental agencies, as well as environmental economic consultancies and potentially the Civil Service Fast Stream. The opportunities to teach and concentrate on worthwhile academic publications as an output from the PhD are invaluable assets when considering a career in Academia (I still haven’t ruled it out!)

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