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Jovan Vojnovic

PhD Economics (Currently enrolled)

Why I wanted to do a PhD

The main reason for doing a PhD, as a full-time student, lies in the fact that I would like to stay in the field of academia, either as a Professor or a Researcher. Although my initial Bachelor and Masters degrees might indicate that I would like to pursue a business career, my ultimate goal is to become as successful as possible in the field of Applied Economics.

My current interests lie in the field of Health and Behavioural Economics, due to the fact that it amalgamates two very important components, economic theory and real life phenomena. It is very interesting and aspiring to learn and invent new theories and views on what seem to be well known and researched issues, but sometimes due to the abstract concepts on which economic theory is based, the empirical testing with real life data might not be feasible. However, Behavioural or Health Economics provides the possibility for testing the theory by applying it to issues like health status and addiction, and investigating to what extent the empirical results support or contradict the theoretical suppositions.

My experience of doing a PhD in the Behavioural Science Centre

The Behavioural Science Centre provides the potential for connecting two very interesting fields, like economics and psychology, and it allows researchers to explore the linkages between these two fields through the heuristic analysis.

Also, the Centre provides the possibility of discussing, on a daily basis, any research issues either in economics or psychology with experts in both fields. Provision of weekly seminars on behavioural economics, allows a person such as myself, ability to learn concepts and techniques beyond the scope of traditional economic theory.

Finally, the fact that a PhD in the Behavioural Science Centre demands that the student produces papers for publication, makes this an excellent place for someone wishing to remain in academia, particularly because they acquire the knowledge of what is expected for pieces of academic work.

How doing a PhD in Economics is helping my career

Behavioural science allows one to broaden the understanding of the failure of many Economic models, postulates of canonical economic theory as well as Policy Interventions, and enriches one with the potential ways of resolving those issues.

Participation in the Behavioural Science Seminars and workshops provides a possibility to get in contact with the major experts in the field, which is beneficial not only for the current research, but for a career in academia also.

A PhD in Economics also provides the possibility of involvement in research projects with policy implications.

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