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Janine Fink

International Business

The aspect which first attracted me was the fact that the University of Stirling has a great reputation for Business and Management studies in the U.K. Furthermore, it is well known that many students from the University of Stirling find a job within 6 months of graduation. I also heard a lot of good recommendations from former students about the excellent student life at the University and that Stirling is a great city to live in. In comparison with other Universities, the price-performance-ratio is very good. When I saw pictures of the University I already fell in love with the place. It became even prettier when I first arrived. The campus itself feels more like a park and therefore the students can relax while studying for the next examination. 

I found out that many people appreciate the fact that you chose to study at a University with a great reputation. When applying for jobs recruiters and therefore companies are always looking for future employees who studied in a foreign country.  Thanks to a number of group work projects in different courses I had the opportunity to learn how to work with people from other countries. This also gave me the chance to learn even more about countries I have never visited and that prejudices are not always true. I have made friends for life and we already planned to visit each other.

I chose to study the Masters in International Business at Stirling because it offers a wide range of modules which are very interesting and appealing. In addition to business modules, we were also able to choose modules from Marketing and HRM. These modules gave every student an even broader insight into the business environment and more knowledge which will help you to find the perfect job in the future.

The lecturers are always very helpful and support every member of the course. Thanks to a wide range of tests, everyone has the chance to find their strength and to get the best grade possible.  I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in an international career path. 

The University of Stirling is a great place to meet lots of new and different people from all over the world. I have never met so many people with different cultures. It is a great experience because you will learn a lot about other nations just by talking and hanging out with your classmates or your housemates. If a student wants to experience the ultimate cultural exchange, they should choose the University of Stirling because most people coming to the University are from a foreign country. 

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