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James Swanson

BA (Hons) Marketing

After struggling to discover what subject I wanted to study at university, I made the decision to study marketing – It has been one best decisions I have made. Marketing is incredibly versatile and graduates can adapt effectively to work in a wide array of industries. 

The University of Stirling is known as Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence, however the Stirling Management School equally has an impressive reputation of excellence and prestige. This is the reason I decided to study Marketing over a sports degree. The Stirling Management School has a faculty list of reputable academics, leading lectures as well as good connections with the industry. Therefore, Stirling graduates are looked upon favourably by prospective employers.

During my final two years in the Stirling Management School, I have benefited from smaller class sizes. This has allowed students to have a valuable relationship with module coordinators and allow them to provide students with effective assistance when required. Additionally, I have been exposed to a number of well taught and challenging marketing modules, which I believe will be advantageous to me in the future. These modules include; Understanding Consumers, Marketing Communications and Marketing Decisions. Whilst other marketing modules were valuable, these three were of particular interest and value to me.

One of the best things I’ve been given to opportunity to do at Stirling was partake in the Marketing Society Star Student Awards. I was fortunately chosen along with one other marketing student to represent the Stirling Management School at the awards day in Edinburgh. I was incredibly honoured and greatly appreciated being selected by the Stirling Management School. The apprentice style day clearly demonstrated that I made the right decision to study marketing, the subject’s industry versatility and reaffirmed my love for the subject. 

My advice to future students would be to really engage in your chosen subject area, get as much work experience in that subject as possible and learn from the vast array of knowledge available at the Stirling Management School. I plan to take the knowledge and experience I have acquired from the University of Stirling and apply it to my next academic journey in America, where I intend to study a master’s degree in Sports Marketing and Management. 

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