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Dr Ingrid Kelling

PhD Marketing

Why I wanted to do a PhD

I wanted to complete a PhD in order to access the type of jobs, status and career paths that respected colleagues with PhDs have achieved. I also wished to study a subject of my choice in-depth, managing my own time, workload and goals. Finally, I wished to gain the analytical skills and advanced communication skills that are highly-regarded (by future employers) outcomes of the PhD process.

My experience of doing a PhD in Stirling Management School

The PhD was well supported within an administrative structure right from the beginning - this included financing from the department, collaboration with the external project funders, ongoing training provided by the University, PhD-student events, office space, teaching opportunities, and the 'light touch' of compulsory administrative tasks (such as annual evaluations). Most importantly, contact with my primary supervisor in the Stirling Management School suited my personal working style. This included wise counsel and unwavering support for major elements of the PhD, namely, supervision of the research (especially fieldwork, and the writing period), financing, unforeseen opportunities, and assistance when problems arose - but also independence to explore my ideas and methods.

How doing a PhD helped my career

Obtaining a PhD has provided me with credibility in my field, increased my professional network, and given me important transferable skills that assist me in my daily work, have helped push me forward in my career, and raised my profile.

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