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Fiona Millar

MSc International Business (Human Resource Management)

Completing and participating in the MSc International Business has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was able to specialise, fine tune and develop theory and learning from my Undergraduate Degree in Business Studies whilst also developing strong, invaluable friendships.

Completion of my MSc has given me the necessary competitive edge for the tough world of graduate employment. More and more employers are looking for differentiation of graduates and this Msc offers that. By being able to specialise my degree with HRM meant I only graduated with three other classmates with the same degree, thus increasing my individualism and enhancing my employability. Throughout my course I learnt new skills, new approaches to management and business and had the opportunity to participate in a real life business game, Strip Steel Business Challenge, which I have taken a wealth of experience from and can talk about in interviews. I have also learnt how to adapt to, work with and create partnerships with other cultures, personalities and educational backgrounds, which will be invaluable to myself and any organisation that employs me.

My experience was further enhanced by the friendships I made during my MSc and the support provided by the department, which was invaluable. They really are there for you and truly are interested in your achievement and development.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering it, don’t think twice. Jump right in and enjoy every opportunity and experience it offers you.

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