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Eric Tan


Managing Director, MatrixScience

Describe your career history to date: 
I’m a Senior Executive with 23 years of International MNC management experience in APAC including Japan. I’ve managed and developed senior staff in APAC countries with different cultures. I have proven business acumen through successful negotiation and completion of many multi-million pound projects in various countries (China, Thailand Singapore, private and public sectors). I have a strong track record in meeting P&L/Op Inc. responsibilities. In-charge and participated in a number of M&A negotiations and implementations. I’ve built up sales channel from the ground in China and gained major market shares in difficult economic environment. I’m well respected and regarded in various industries and by peers, superiors and business associates globally.

How has your Stirling degree helped you in job-seeking and career progression? 
My Stirling MBA allowed me to accelerate my progress to senior management position and to be recognised by my peers in a cross cultural environment.

What kind of contacts did you make at Stirling and how did these help you? 
I didn’t make significant contacts although I made some new friends when I revisited the campus on a few occasions after I graduated.

How did your experience at Stirling differ from that of friends and colleagues who studied elsewhere?
I am able to stand out compared to those who did their MBA in Singapore or part-time. Scottish business is also well recognised in the Far East.

What made you choose Stirling?
I chose the University because of its beautiful campus and that it is part of the Scottish Business School.

How did you enhance your CV to break into your chosen sector? 
The MBA added and enhanced my knowledge gained through my work experience. Is your career what you expected or has anything changed? My career progressed as I planned it and it increased my geographical coverage beyond my expectations.

What other activities would you recommend to build up your skill set? 
I’d recommend you join industries networking organisations be prepared to look beyond your home country for opportunities.

What advice can you give to current students?
Do networking with students from other countries to gain cultural insight. Exercise good independent decision making and get a good result. Do your best in whatever you choose and believe in it, but remember to have plan B.

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