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Ndeendelao Ndahambelela Elise Kambala

MSc Investment Analysis with Distinction

Graduating with an MSc Investment Analysis with Distinction, Elise Kambala’s life today is a far cry from her early childhood.

Up until the age of 12 Elise, along with her ten brothers and sisters, worked the land and looked after the animals at the family homestead in the rural areas of Namibia under the guidance of her grandfather, who did not believe an education would put food on the table.

It was only when her mother returned from the city - where she worked as a street vendor selling food items to passers-by to provide for her family - that Elise was sent to the best school her mother could afford. Compressing ten years of education into four Elise was a star pupil, graduating from high school with a string of distinctions and awards.

Firmly bitten by the education bug Elise wanted to choose a course of study that would help to improve her country. Awarded a scholarship from the Central Bank of Namibia she went on to study at the Polytechnic of Namibia from where she graduated with a BSc Economics in 2008. From there she went to Germany where she was an intern at Daimler AG in Stuttgart for six months.

On her return home Elise was employed by the Central Bank of Namibia as an Assistant Portfolio Analyst in the Financial Markets department and it was here that she learned of the MSc at Stirling Management School.

“I chose Stirling after hearing about it through my colleague and I knew it was a high quality course,” explained Elise. “That it was also one of the few courses to have the internationally recognised CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Program Partner status also attracted me.

“The only downside to leaving home for a year was being apart from my husband and two year old son. With a journey time of around 23 hours, travelling back and forward just wasn’t a possibility. With daily contact through Skype we kept in touch with each other and despite the 8000 mile distance between us I always felt close to them.

“My experience of Stirling has been fantastic. I was warmly welcomed onto campus by members of the Global Café – a group that links international students with host families – and I learned a lot about Stirling and Scotland during my time here.

“My course was outstanding – I’d recommend it to anyone. While most of it was theory we also managed to have some fun. One of the best practicals was the Amplify Trading Boot Camp when we were all thrown onto the trading room floor. I’m pleased to say I came out on top with my trades that week!”

Through the University of Stirling, Elise also secured a scholarship from CFA Institute to study CFA Level One.

Programme Director Dr Kevin Campbell is full of praise for Elise’s achievements. He said: “Upon meeting Elise I was immediately struck by her very positive attitude and her great appetite for learning.  She fully deserves to receive the MSc Investment Analysis with Distinction, an accolade awarded only to the top echelon of students. It is no surprise to me that Elise won a Top Trader award for her ability to profit from financial market trends during our Amplify Trading Boot Camp. Her leadership skills were also enhanced during her studies through participation in Stirling Management School’s Flying Start Leadership programme. I sure that these will be put to very good use in her future career.”

Fluent in four languages Elise is very definitely staying put for the moment and will return home to a role as Risk Analyst with the Central Bank of Namibia.

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