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Albert Mantel

MSc Energy Management


 Portfolio Manager, Energy2market GmbH

When I was confronted with the decision to study an MSc Energy Management at the University of Stirling, many questions were going through my head. Will it be hard to study in a foreign language? Will there be benefits for my professional life? How will it be to live abroad?

After graduating from a German University (in BA Energy and Resource Management) and working for several German energy companies, the University of Stirling seemed to me a reasonable way to gain further academic knowledge about the energy industry. Furthermore, it was obvious for me that it would be an interesting and useful experience to study abroad.

It didn’t take long to understand that it was the right decision to study an MSc Energy Management at the University of Stirling.  Surrounded by competent teachers who always found time to promote the students personally, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of several academic fields related to the energy industry.

The composition of students on our course was probably the most international I have ever seen. Students from Africa, Europe, Asia and America were represented and created all together an amazing atmosphere where everyone had the chance gain an enormous amount of intercultural skills.

These new knowledge and skills I have gained during my time in Stirling turned out to be very useful for my professional life. After graduating in 2011, I’ve started to work directly for an innovative German energy company (Energy2market GmbH) which develops and operates the first virtual power plant that provides system services (secondary control reserve) to the German transmission system operator. In the position as a portfolio manager I am in charge of the renewable energy portfolio, which is the centerpiece of the virtual power plant. It seems to be just the beginning of an interesting career.

The decision to study Energy Management in Stirling was not an easy one, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. Of course you can think about studying in New York, Berlin or London, but if you consider to start a successful energy career… I’ll recommend Stirling.

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