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Xianwen Li

Why did you decide to study a postgraduate course?

After completing a Bachelor’s degree majoring in English Language, I found that I wanted to further improve my English language skills and decided that by studying abroad, I could gain a postgraduate qualification and become more professional as an English teacher.

What attracted you to Stirling?

There are many reasons to study TESOL at Stirling, the main two being the quality of the course and the campus. I received several offers from UK universities, but chose Stirling for its strong reputation and ranking in Education, the professional teaching methods and quality of the tutors. Also, the university campus has beautiful scenery which provides students a good environment to study in.

What did you enjoy most about your time at the University of Stirling?

I really enjoyed all my classes, and although some courses were challenging, the tutors were all very helpful and understanding

Which aspects of the programme did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the microteaching course for its benefits to my teaching practice, and learning more on English grammar to help improve my English language teaching. All the tutors are professional, respectable, and a joy to learn from.

Do you think the degree has made you more employable, or better prepared for further study? If yes, what are the key skills? What contacts/networks have you made in your time at Stirling?

By graduating from the TESOL course I have definitely made myself more employable, I am now more skilled and have a competitive edge over others when job hunting. The salary in China is also higher for postgraduates!

What advice would you give a student considering studying at Stirling?

Prepare for each class then review what you have learnt
Pay attention to your teachers, you can learn a lot from them
Don’t be shy to ask questions and discuss with your tutors and classmates.
Try hard on your assignments, but remember they are there to help you learn too.
When studying in the University library, use the reference books, they are a valuable resource.

How would you summarise your time at Stirling?

The period I spent studying TESOL has left a lasting impression on my life, I had a fulfilling time studying and enjoyed daily life in Stirling. When I returned home to China I recommended Stirling to all my friends!

If you have now graduated, what are you doing now?

Since graduating I have become a TOFEL teacher in a foreign language institute in Shanghai, China.

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