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Rose Cwiertnia

I have had a very positive experience of studying at the University of Stirling.

I feel the course was delivered in a way which encouraged my learning. A variety of different assessment and teaching methods were used e.g. group work, independent learning, small projects, presentations. This variety made the content of the course achievable and manageable. Having the course broken into smaller modules which were all individually assessed and reviewed also made the four year course an achievable accomplishment.  At times the course was particularly challenging as certain subjects presented tight deadlines and high expectations of assessment. However these challenges and expectations gave me the experience and opportunity to learn personal coping strategies, which now help me face similar challenges in my day to day practice.

I feel the practice placements within the course were very beneficial – the most challenging but equally the most influential experience for my learning and practice. The placement coordinator ensured I had the opportunity to experience two very different placement settings which challenged my learning and personal values in different ways. Each placement was reviewed mid-way which also ensured the opportunities were meeting my learning needs. Having the opportunity to complete practice placements increased my readiness to practice, specifically in relation to my confidence and self-belief! It was the first time I thought to myself ‘I can do this job’!

Throughout my studies I had the honour to meet various different tutors, all who specialised in specific areas they taught. I genuinely feel each tutor presented a passion and commitment to their teaching which made learning more ‘real’ and enjoyable. Personally I felt very well supported throughout my studies in relation to managing my personal circumstances, my learning needs and identifying future developmental needs – I feel this was a result of having a specific tutor allocated to me throughout my studies, this support I feel was invaluable at times.

I have learnt masses during my four years studying at the University of Stirling. The skills and knowledge I have developed have enabled me to go on and successfully gain employment within a local authority doing the job I feel passionate about. However, I also feel the course taught me a lot about myself and helped me to grow in to the more responsible and confident person I am today!

Having been in my role for a little over a year there have been various challenges and realities of practice which I have felt slightly overwhelmed by. However my time at the University of Stirling definitely developed my confidence, personal and professional skills and knowledge, enabling me to overcome such challenges and continue practicing in a manner which makes me feel proud. 

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