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Rochelle Ireland

BA Professional Education (Secondary) with History

As a mature student part of the attraction of the course at Stirling was that I could obtain a degree in History at the same time as studying for my teaching qualification meaning I would be qualified in 4 years instead of 5.  I have never regretted choosing Stirling! Doing the Education course throughout the 4 years mean that there was time to absorb education theory whilst working on the practice.  Completing 3 placements over the period of the course means that students have experience of a variety of schools before embarking on their probation year. 

The support from all the staff at Stirling was amazing! I had a particularly difficult period in my private life during my time there and due to the support and guidance from the staff still managed to successfully complete my degree.  For that I will always be grateful. I cannot recommend the University of Stirling highly enough!

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