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Nilanjana Maulik

MSc Dementia Studies

Why did you choose Stirling to undertake your qualification?

'Because of the merit of the course'.

Can you tell me what the highlights were for you as a student at the University of Stirling?

'Excellent rapport with tutors

Good workbook/ enriching articles/papers

A chance to explore and share new ideas'.

How did your programme of study help you improve in your chosen subject?

'Strengthen my theoretical base as well as understanding a global perspective'.

If you had to summarise your experience of the Faculty of Social Sciences in a few words what would you say?

'It was a splendid learning experience being among people from diverse background and education'.

Can you tell me how your acquired skills and knowledge will help you in your career or has helped you in your professional role or secured employment?

'Effect policy matters at government level'.

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