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Hazel McDonald

BA Professional Education (Primary) with a specialism in Modern Languages

What attracted you to study at the University of Stirling?

Since I was 5 years old I have always known what I wanted to do – teach. In secondary school I realised that languages was also another passion of mine and I wanted to explore this. The University of Stirling was the only place that offered me the opportunity to study both.

What did you enjoy most about your time at University of Stirling?

Throughout my 4 years at the university I enjoyed every aspect that Stirling had to offer. The beautiful campus, outstanding facilities and social aspects of university life. I made friends for life and learned who I am as a person and a teacher.

Which aspects of the programme did you enjoy the most?

As our year was smaller than most, it meant that we all formed close relationships. Many of us are still friends today and keep in touch to help each other out. I also found there was a lot of support from the university itself and the tutors that we had. If you ever had a problem, or even a question, there was always someone to talk to.

Do you think the degree has made you more employable, or better prepared for further study? If yes, what are the key skills?

For me it has been slightly different as I did not apply for jobs in Scotland, however having a background in languages was extremely beneficial for me working abroad. I employ the same strategies I was taught throughout my course, to the classroom situations I am in today. Nowadays, languages are becoming more important within the curriculum and I feel that in the future my degree will give me an edge over others.

What advice would you give a student considering studying at Stirling?

Make the most of it. They were an amazing 4 years of my life and they pass all too quickly!

If you have now graduated, what are you doing now?

After my probation year in Stirling Council I decided I wanted a new challenge and took a job opportunity abroad. I am currently living and working in Spain as an English Language Teacher and work with a variety of people, aged from 4 to 60.

Would you recommend this career/further study to others?

It is a difficult question to answer, as with most careers you have your ups and downs. Some days you will question whether or not you made the right choice in studying teaching. However, there are also days where you realise there is nothing else you would want to do expect teach. Watching children mature and grow in confidence is one of the most rewarding experiences a teacher could have.

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