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Eunice Skinner

Professional Learning and Leadership

I chose Stirling as I wanted a good Programme in my field of study, a School that was second to none, rewarding and gave me a direct impact on improving the lives of students at different levels at different institutions. I was warmly accepted into every School and help was always on tap, offered by the teaching staff where this help goes far beyond their duty, and to help every student achieve their potential.

I found my programme of study prepared me for the many challenges I will face in future employment and give me the edge over others. On a personal level, it helps me step up a gear and take more responsibility for my own achievements. I am under no illusion it will be incredibly hard work but very rewarding.

To summarise my time at the University of Stirling, there is nowhere else I would continue with my journey other than the Faculty of Social Sciences here at the University of Stirling.

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