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Ce Qiao (Joe)

Hi everyone, I am Ce Qiao (Joe). I’m a Chinese postgraduate student from the University of Stirling. I studied TESOL and Education Studies and had a great year at this University.

What specific feature(s) did you like the most about the course?
The TESOL department of the University of Stirling provided abundant academic and professional resources for me. I still remember that I was totally shocked because some TESOL papers that I could not find on Google Scholar, I could find on the library catalogue page of University of Stirling. As for professional resources, some schools around the world contact Stirling’s TESOL department and I had access to information about jobs and placements. From my own point of view, cross-cultural teaching experience is extremely helpful for applying for a job. In addition, these resources could also broaden your mind. You could investigate and explore many theories about English teaching and learning during your academic years at the University of Stirling.

How has the course impacted on your career?
The course can be helpful for your teaching career. I adopted many theories and strategies such as motivation, teachers’ feedback, interaction and so forth and these made me a better teacher. For example, I taught classes in China and Korea before, but I did not have much first-hand experience of teaching European students. However, the tutorial content and reading materials recommended by my TESOL tutors has let me know many things about European teaching context. Hence, as a teacher from China, I did not find it was very difficult to teach in the UK. I am very thankful for the TESOL department of University of Stirling. Besides, before coming to University of Stirling, some students’ reticence really frustrated me. Therefore, I did lots of research by using the convenient resources from the TESOL department. I do not suffer from reticence frequently anymore.

Anything else you would like to share about your Stirling experience?
I have great memories of being educated by the TESOL department of University of Stirling. I look forward to coming back again. Thank you very much, my lovely TESOL department, my fantastic University of Stirling!

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