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Andrew Kinnell

BA (Hons) Politics and Sociology

I chose Sociology as I was very interested in how societies function from the macro to the micro level.  The undergraduate course in Sociology is a very wide ranging subject that allows students to choose paths they are most interested in and develop their knowledge in specific areas.

Sociology equips you with a deeper understanding of how the world works. It develops your critical thinking ability and makes you question perceived ‘common sense’ societal norms, customs and attitudes. Studying Sociology helps students develop the sort of critical thinking and analytical skills that make them appealing to employers.

In the final year of my degree I was elected as Student Union President. My experience in Sociology has helped me in the role which involves a wide variety of tasks- everything from delivering public speeches through to carrying out surveys about students’ experience of car parking! My Sociology

I would highly recommend studying Sociology at an undergraduate level at the University of Stirling. You learn lots both academically and practically which will help you get on in your future career- whatever route you choose to go down! 

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