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Suprith Kumar

MSc Big Data

Suprith Kumar

Suprith's Story

Stirling is one of the finest places in the UK. The campus is beautiful and the university has ab excellent academic reputation and impressive history. I had always wanted to progress professionally and academically, and to enrich my studies abroad and thought that there could be no better place to further my studies than studying at the University of Stirling. Studying MSc Big Data at Stirling helped me learn more on advanced technologies, research works, new opportunities in the field of data science, and interpersonal skills. As part of the course I did a placement with the Epidemiology Research Unit (FISH VET GROUP) as a Data Scientist Intern. Part of my objective was to develop a search tool using Natural Language Programming (NLP).

I was involved in text mining project with gathering, analysing, extracting, visualizing data and building predictive models, developing applications and implementing them. The tools I used in my work were Python, NLTK and scipy. It's been a great experience working in the Epidemiology Research unit. I am learnt a lot about the working environment as a new graduate professional. I am extremely happy for getting an internship and working for one of the most reputed Organisation (Fish Vet Group) in the world

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