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Sarah Thomson

UG Computing Science

Sarah 's Story

I wanted to study at Stirling as I imagined the beautiful natural environment surrounding the University would bring the mental clarity necessary to get the most out of my degree. There's nothing more serene than sitting on the fourth floor of the library overlooking the loch on a rainy day! The campus includes an excellent and affordable gym, which is a massive bonus. Additionally, Stirling is a perfect-fit size town, quiet enough to concentrate, but busy enough for a good social life!

My advice to future students is to mix up your study environments - alternate between the library, the computer labs, and cafes, for example. It really helps with concentration. And keep a regular sleeping schedule! Get to bed early so you can make that 9am lecture, you’ll feel great afterwards!

My undergraduate course covered a broad range of aspects of the field, and I feel I have a wide set of skills for joining the workforce. The course crafted me into a competent coder, able to tackle new problems with independence. As a computer scientist, the resources available were excellent and the lecturers were engaging and genuine.

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