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Nada Bougouss

MSc Aquatic Food Security

Nada's Story

Nada Bougouss made history today by becoming the University’s first MSc Aquatic Food security graduate meaning the world really is her oyster now!  

The 32-year-old from Morocco relished the opportunity to come and study overseas.  

“I would never have been able to study in the UK without the help of the Chevening Scholarship”; an international scholarship scheme which enables students with leadership qualities from 144 countries and territories to undertake postgraduate study or courses in UK universities.

“I was fortunate to have been selected among six Moroccan candidates to undertake a graduate degree in the UK. Among the seafood sector, where I worked for almost 7 years, aquaculture is immediately associated with Stirling. I wanted to study here because aquaculture research at Stirling is ranked within the top 5 in the UK and recognised as an internationally excellent and a world-leading institution,” explains Nada.

“When I got my letter of acceptance I jumped for joy and thought to myself, nothing is impossible in life. Hard work, courage and patience are needed, but I’m up for the challenge because Stirling is going to change my life both on the professional and personal level and it certainly has.”

Nada, said: “I have always been interested in sustainability, food security and aquaculture. Stirling is the only University in the UK and in Europe to offer the MSc Aquatic Food Security and I am honoured to be the first graduate.”

Nada’s MSc project was done in collaboration with Fishbox, a fish and seafood subscription service that brings tasty and sustainable seafood direct to your door. She conducted surveys with the company to find out the reasons behind customers using the service.

The main challenge she faced at University was the cold Scottish weather!

“Being from Morocco, the only challenge was the cold weather, but it only took me a few weeks to adapt. I have been blessed to have such wonderful friends in Stirling that made my stay an exceptionally enriching experience. I really enjoyed the Stirling campus and went to the gym, when time allowed. The Ochil hills were my refuge to enjoy nature and hike,” said Nada.

Nature-lover Nada is now working as a consultant in Milan for Friend of the Sea, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose mission is the conservation of the marine habitat.

Professor Rachel Norman, Chair of Aquatic Food Security at the University of Stirling, said: “Nada was an excellent first student for us, she came with a background in the seafood sector but we were able to broaden her knowledge of Aquaculture production and also of how that contributes to the bigger picture of food security globally. We are delighted that she has had such a successful and enjoyable year and has now gone out into the world to apply her new knowledge.”

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