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Jill Shearer

MSc Human Animal Interaction

During my undergraduate degree at the University of Stirling, I really enjoyed the animal behaviour modules and the MSc Human/Animal Interaction course interested me, so it seemed the next logical step since I didn’t want to stop learning!

A specific feature I liked about the course was having seminars where everyone could really participate and engage, which gave us the freedom to discuss other relevant topics in HAI – even having that layout which allows proper debates to take place is a real positive. The breadth of topics covered by the course, and the vast array of speakers that have led a seminar throughout the year has been phenomenal, and any time we’ve had other students drop in, they’ve been surprised at what sort of things we’ve been discussing that week, and engage as enthusiastically as the ones on the course! I’m currently applying for full time jobs, and the range of skills I’ve learnt from the course (as well as practical experience) is really helping my CV stand out.

If you are new to Stirling, I would advise you not to be afraid or nervous to ask for anything (I’ve been here for five years and still have to stop people to ask where rooms are in Cottrell!) Definitely come and visit the campus and town if you have the chance to see everything for yourself. The department and staff members are extremely helpful, and I’ve been able to take advantage of many opportunities as a result of their connections, such as undertaking a placement shadowing a PhD student for Refining Dog Care.

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