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Erin Shott

MSc Environmental Management

An image of Erin Shott, MSc Environmental Management

What I enjoy most about this course are the teaching staff and the classroom size. The classes are large enough, so any type of discussion can be started without too much difficulty, but are small enough for students to receive attention and individual questions can be answered during lectures. Most assignments are open ended questions that allow you to pursue an area of interest to you while still maintaining the integrity of the course.

But really the teaching staff are what make or break a good program. You can have the best module topics, but if they are not taught well or don’t have a relatable teaching staff, then the program can often fall flat. All the lecturers are engaging and responsive. They are also known to adjust lectures for students who have attended University of Stirling while earning undergraduate degrees, so to give these students new information, in addition to students who have not previously attended.

What first attracted you to choose the University of Stirling to study your course?

This course was mentioned to me by a representative from an outside agency. It wasn’t even my first choice. But the campus looked nice and it helped greatly that University of Stirling is a highly rated university. What ultimately helped me choose University of Stirling was the speedy response I often received when I applied and any questions I had when I accepted my offer. I am originally from the USA and there were several hoops to jump through regarding my visa as it is different from a normal student visa.

What are the benefits you found as a result of studying at Stirling?

One benefit I enjoy is the opportunity to study this subject area, but the I have the ability to choose the context in while I am studying it. Most assignments are open ended, so you can choose what topic it is for while still applying to the knowledge gained from lecture. I also had a specific subject in mind for my dissertation and from discussing this with some of the lecturers I was able to pursue my chosen subject. I feel that this greatly adds to my professional skills and improves my CV. Many employers seek experience of some kind and allowing me to guide my own interest definitely something all students can benefit from.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering coming to Stirling?

If you are able, visit the campus and meet with one or two of the lecturers ahead of time. I found that students who could do this felt more at ease initially and this can help with some of the earlier assignments.

Are you currently employed? If so, please tell us what impact do you think your studies will have on your future career?

Not currently.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I enormously enjoyed this course, it does go by in a flash, but I feel the modules and lecturers apply a good effort in to preparing students for their next step, whether it is to continue research or to pursue further employment.

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