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Conny Hien

PhD Psychology

I was recently awarded my PhD from the University of Stirling and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to spend my time in such a supportive environment as the Department of Psychology. Over the last three years I received very valuable guidance from my supervisor, who not only promoted my research career, but also offered much appreciated advice on what it meant to be an independent researcher.

My scholarship enabled me to attend national and international conferences and many experienced colleagues supported me in selecting the best audience for my research topic. I also had the great opportunity to spend a month abroad at the University of Salzburg, which gave me insight in a foreign research lab and the similarities and differences of conducting my research there. 

As a developmental psychologist, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the departmental playgroup. The chance to work with children there for individual studies and also to be able to have conversations with playgroup staff about ideas and plans has greatly benefitted my research.

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