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Taiwo George

MSc Advanced Practice

I have thoroughly enjoyed working towards my Masters' degree online at University of Stirling. The course content is well presented and the feedback and support from the teaching staff is excellent. Although the emphasis of the course is on the UK health care system, specifically Scotland, I have been able to apply much of what I have learnt to my Bermudian experiences. In fact I have found it refreshing to learn that other parts of the world have some of the same challenges that we have here.

As noted above the teaching team have been very supportive. As I am a 'very' mature student I did have challenges in the start re-learning how to study and how to think critically. I have received much guidance and support from the team which has enabled me to develop and grow throughout the course. I am mow working on my last module before my dissertation and feel that I have more to contribute to my teams at work than before I started the degree.

The Masters in Advanced Practice is a challenging but worthwhile course to undertake. I have already recommended it to my colleagues here in Bermuda.

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